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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

The following statements constitute our refund policy. Read carefully, our terms will not change regardless of circumstances.

Tuition Fee Refund

If you want a refund for your full tuition fee, then you have to apply for the refund before 28 days (4 weeks) of the commencement date of your course.

Registration fees for all courses are non-refundable

We do not refund registration fees for courses in all cases. Plus, if you applied for a tuition fee refund in less than 14 days of the commencement date of your course, then we will not refund for any application.

Please review the Terms & Conditions of your desired courses before applying for registration.

Administrative Charges

We will deduct administrative charges from your tuition fee when you apply for a refund. All details will be given in your payment invoice upon refund.

Payment Methods

We will deposit the refund through the original method in the account of the original person who made the original payment.

Disbursements to 3rd Parties

Disbursements to 3rd parties made during your admission application process are non-refundable. It includes courier fees, progression fees, registration fees, etc.

Refund Policy---Short Courses

We will grant you immediate access to your short course when we receive your payment. But we will not refund the course fee if you do not want to pursue the course further.

When we receive your full payment for the short course, we will give you access to LSBE’s learning management portal where you can view lectures and give assessments.

Please choose the right course before paying for it. After that payment, there will be no change in the course and no refund for the fee.

We will grant you access to LSBE’s learning management portal for a limited time. For Professional Certificates, you have two weeks.

For Advanced Professional Certificates, you have four weeks. Plus, for Special Executive Master’s programme, you get three months.

The duration of your access to the learning portal starts right after the enrollment. However, we can extend the duration in special cases. For that, you have to contact us and give us sound reasons for the extensions.

All assessments for Certificates and Master’s Programme are assignment and quiz-based.

You get three attempts to pass out the assessment. However, you can reactivate your assessment if you could not get the required passing marks even after three attempts. For that, you have to pay extra fees.

Refund Policy---Classroom Special Executive Master Programme

Once you pay the registration fee, then we will process your conditional offer letter. Please note that: All registration fees are non-refundable.

Once you receive your conditional offer letter, you have to pay the tuition fee in full.

If you want to cancel your admission, then you have to apply for it 4 weeks prior to the commencement date of the programme. We will refund your tuition fee and deduct only the administrative charges.

If you want to cancel your admission 14 days prior to the commencement date of the programme, you’ll still get a refund. But we’ll deduct 20% from the tuition fee along with administrative charges.

If you apply for the cancellation of your admission in less than 12 days of the commencement date of the programme, you’ll get no refund.

Refund Policy - Credit-Bearing Programmes (Level 4, 5, 7 And International Postgraduate Diploma Programmes)

Once we receive payment, we will grant you access to LSBE’s Learning Management portal. No refunds are available.

You’ll get immediate and full access to LSBE’s Learning Management portal only when you make the payment in full. You cannot change your course once you select it. Plus, there will be no refund if you have chosen the wrong course.

Your access to LSBE’s Learning Management portal will be limited to five years. You can access all modules and assessments for 5 years. In special cases, we can extend your access. But you have to pay the extra charges.

You can take assessments as many times as you require during the 5-year period.

We will suspend your online account if you fail to pay a 50-pound monthly admin fee.

All certificates are issued only after completing all the required payments.

Refund Policy – Top-Up Degree

Points to remember:

    • Universities can change Top-Up fees without any prior notice to colleges.
    • Universities directly issue the certificates. Colleges cannot.
    • 3rd Party Colleges deliver Top-Up Courses.
    • LSBE does not deliver Top-Up Courses.
    • LSBE only deliver Level 4, 5, and 7 Diploma.

LSBE has direct agreements with:

    • University of Chichester, UK - via LGS Global.
    •  Anglia Ruskin University, UK - via Chestnut Education, UK

LSBE has indirect agreements with:

    • The University of the West of Scotland
    • University of Plymouth, UK
    •  London Metropolitan University, UK
    • University of Derby, UK
    • University of Gloucester shire, UK

LSBE pays Top-Up fees to Universities on behalf of the student including all administrative charges. Once you have made the payment, there will be no refund for the administrative charges. Your tuition fee refund will subject to the Terms & Conditions of the University.

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