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Cookies Policy

LSBE uses cookies on the website for several reasons. The detail is described below in this document.

By the use of cookies, we cannot personally identify you on the internet. Plus, the use of cookies does not harm your computer.

Our aim is to maintain a website that provides information in the friendliest way for the user, and the cookies help us to achieve that goal.

When you use our website, then you agree with our cookies policy and for the use of all technologies mentioned in this document.

We do not condemn but appreciate the choice of users to stop storing cookies on their computers. The method to do that is mentioned in this document. So, you must read it and choose the best for your computer and for yourself.

What Are Cookies?

The term “Cookie” refers to a small file that contains come data. That file is sent by our website to your browser. The cookie file is stored on your hard drive and you can access it through your web server.

We retrieve your cookie data in order to customise our web pages and the overall website for the best user experience.

Remember, cookies do not contain any data that can personally identify you. It means cookies do not store personal data but store technical data about the website experience and navigation by the user.

How Do We Use Cookies?

We use analytical packages from companies like Google Analytics in order to regularly improve your browsing experience on our website.

Social Media Third Party Cookies?

We may enrich our website with third-party content from various social media websites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. When you browse that content, then these websites will store their cookies on your computer. We do not have control over third-party cookies. So, you have to read the cookies policy of these third-party websites.

How Can You Control and Delete Cookies?

We do not use cookies to personally identify you. Yet, you can choose to disable cookies. But when you stop cookies, then some pages of our website will not function.

If you want to disable cookies, go to browser settings and choose to stop cookies from there. After that, our website will not store any cookies files on your computer.

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Welcome Message

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