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Time Management
Course Code LSBE/EX/TM
Duration 1-3 Days
Level Executive Education
Pedagogy Blended | On Campus | Online
There are many people with hectic lives who work under pressure and need some assistance to manage their time better. Too many people feel that they are slaves to their workload, martyrs to the constant interruptions they face and having to continually “fire-fight”. This course provides a host of hints and tips for control, efficiency and greater personal effectiveness with a view to achieving better results and satisfaction from the working day. It aims to enable people to feel as though they can plan, prioritise and be proactive.
  •  Prioritising objectives and workloads
  •  What’s important and what’s urgent?
  •  Desk management and handling paperwork
  •  How to deal with interruptions and time loiters assertively
  •  Delegating
  •  Action planning exercise
  • This course is designed for busy people who want to identify where they are wasting their time and how they could gain more control of this most precious resource
    This course will enable participants to attend:

    • Recognise how we may create our own time management problems
    •  Identify the effects of poor time management
    •  Understand the way poor time management creates stress
    •  Improve the way in which you organise your days
    •  Decide what is important for achievement and set priorities
    •  Minimise time wasting and handle interruptions.

    Duration: 1 Days