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Stress Management
Course Code LSBE/EX/SM
Duration 1-3 Days
Level Executive Education
Pedagogy Blended | On Campus | Online
Managers faced with the issues of stress sometimes don’t know where to turn. This course looks at the issues associated with stress, including examining what stress looks like and practical tips on how to deal with stress in themselves and in their staff. It incorporates practical anti-stress techniques delivered by a qualified complementary therapist - that individuals will be able to utilise themselves.
  •  Defining and identifying stressors
  •  Stress & performance
  •  Impact on others
  •  Managing personal stress
  •  Destressor techniques
  •  Practical strategies for dealing with stress in others
  •  Personal Stress Management Plan
  • Any individual who would like help to understand and manage the causes, symptoms and effects of stress, in themselves and those around them.

    This course will enable participants to attend:

    • Understand and define stress
    •  Understand and identify the causes of stress
    •  Recognise the symptoms of stress in themselves and others
    •  Apply techniques to manage pressure in the workplace
    •  Apply strategies for handling stress positively for themselves and in others.

    Duration: 1 Days