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Introduction To Supervision
Course Code LSBE/EX/IS
Duration 1-3 Days
Level Executive Education
Pedagogy Blended | On Campus | Online
This course provides a firm foundation on which to develop supervisory management skills. It provides comprehensive knowledge and skills which can be practically used on return to the workplace. Our approach on this course is experiential and engaging, giving supervisors a thorough grounding in the basics of first line management.
Day 1

  •  The role and responsibilities of the supervisor
  •  The ideal qualities, characteristics and skills needed
  •  Understanding interactions - situational leadership styles and their effects
  •  Understanding motivating factors for others
  •  How not to de-motivate
  • Day 2

    •  Communication and the impact it has on the bottom line
    •  The communication process
    •  Words, tone and body language
    •  Listening, questioning and clarifying
    •  Giving and receiving constructive feedback
    •  Measuring performance
    •  Planning effectively
    •  Making decisions confidently
    •  Practical application
    • Day 3

      •  Personal Implementation Plans
      •  Review of learning
This course is for potential and recently appointed supervisors, team and cell leaders. It is also for those who have been in their job for some time but who have not had any previous supervisory training.
  •  Coaching Skills
  •  Appraisal Interviewing Skills
  • This course will enable participants to:

    •  Understand the supervisor’s role and key responsibilities for achievement through people
    •   Recognise which style of leadership to use in different situations
    •  Create an environment in which the team can perform well in their tasks
    •   Communicate clearly by actively listening and questioning
    •  Understanding the importance of words, tone and body language when communicating
    •  Give and receive constructive feedback
    •  Communicate, monitor and correct standards for optimum performance
    •  Make decisions confidently
    •  Understand the importance of planning, motivating and managing time and resources effectively.

    Duration: 3 Days