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Handling Difficult People
Course Code LSBE/EX/HDP
Duration 1-3 Days
Level Executive Education
Pedagogy Blended | On Campus | Online
Dealing effectively with unproductive employee behaviour, conflicting views and strongly held opinions does not come easily to many people. This course highlights the importance of nipping problems in the bud, resolving conflict quickly and fairly whilst maintaining productive working relationships. The course develops the skills needed to resolve conflict situations within relationships.
  •  Recognising different types of behaviour
  •  Skills and techniques for handling the discussion or meeting
  •  Correcting persistent unacceptable behaviour
  •  Managing your own reactions in conflict situations
  •  Successfully giving and receiving feedback
  •  Dealing with put downs and excuses
  •  Practical exercises
  • This course is for those who supervise or manage others and who wish to get productivity, co-operation and harmony from their team. It is for those who want to develop or maintain an atmosphere of minimum conflict and maximum Participation.
  •  Management Development Programme
  •  Communicating Effectively
  •  Coaching Skills for Improved Performance
  • This course will enable participants to:

    • Identify potential and actual conflict situations and different types of behaviours
    •  Appreciate the causes of conflict
    •  Deal with different situations in different ways whilst aiming for a win: win
    •  Address the behaviour and the situation, not personalities
    •  Remain calm and patient at crucial times
    •  Feel confident to nip conflict in the bud.

    Duration: 1 Days