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Course Code LSBE/CMC
Duration 1-3 Days
Level Professional Certification
Pedagogy Blended | On Campus | Online
Traditionally isolated from the conventional courts system, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), especially Mediation has grown from its original outsider status to becoming an integral part of justice systems around the world. Phoenix Dispute Solution (PDSL) seeks to pioneer a shift whereby ADR is viewed as the go-to methods for dispute resolution. There are almost no boundaries to the type of dispute that can be resolved through mediation, including medical matter, neighbour and community conflicts, property disputes, Charities issues, employment, human rights, wills and inheritance.
  •  An introduction to Mediation
  •  Step by step Mediation process
  •  Mediation around the globe
  •  The Psychology of Conflict
  •  Communication Strategies
  •  Power Dynamics
  •  Mediation Theory and Ethics
  •  Negotiation Masterclass
  •  Career Building
  • This course will enable participants to:

    • The Mediation course provides a professional learning experience which is in equal parts demanding, rigorous and rewarding.
    •  The 5 days or 40-hour course is built upon an engrossing presentation style, participatory learning and practical role-plays which reinforce theoretical lectures.

    Phoenix Dispute Solution (PDSL) is our strategic delivery partner to offer this course online and face to face. PDSL is a Civil Mediation Council (CMC), Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and International Mediation Institute (IMI) approved training provider. The CMC, CIArb & IMI provide the global and domestic quality standards for mediation training. The PDSL training team has 50+ years of international experience in conducting highly complex, high-value mediations as well as mediation training. The company has offices in Australia, USA and the UK.